1 Kings 1:1 – Age Catches Up with King David

1 Kings 1:1

“Now King David was old, advanced in years; and they put covers on him, but he could not get warm.” 

The book of 1 Kings begins with the sentence “Now King David was old…”. Growing old is a reality that no man can ever overcome. David was a man of many talents. He was a warrior; he was a musician; he was a shepherd. He was a Christian living in the Old Testament. The day came to pass that he became old. And like any human being when we get old, his body began to fail. 

When David was old, he felt cold. They put many covers over him. But there was no relief. I can picture David shivering and trembling. One of the challenges navy divers go through during their “hell week” of training was the test of enduring the severe cold. How miserable a condition when our bodies feel cold and we get no relief. But We must remember that the frailty of our body is not manifested only when we get old. I once met a young man who was able to run like a stallion. The next day he was wobbling around like a crab. He was suffering from abrasion between his thighs. All these should be sober reminders that human life is frail and our bodies can fail in a moment of time. It need not take place only when we get old. That is why Eccl 12:2 reminds us to “remember God in the days of our youth before ….”. 

The blessing that David had in spite of his infirmity is seen in the phrase “..they put covers on him..”. He had people around him who cared for him when his body failed him. These were either his family members or royal subjects. Most of us are blessed with a family and extended families around us. Christians have a further blessing in the form of the extended family – the Church. Cherish these people that God has placed around you and never take them for granted. Give thanks for them before they are taken from you. Build bonds with them so that their care for you is with joy and not merely out of duty. 

Questions for meditation:

 1) Have I been neglecting my body instead of using it for God’s glory?

 2) Have I been appreciative & respectful to the people that God has placed in my life? 

 3) Am I prepared for life after death if God were to remove me from earth suddenly? Do I have the assurance that I will be in heaven after death? 

 4) Do I desire to be in heaven because I am longing to be in the presence of my Saviour Jesus Christ or is it because I am just sick and tired of life on earth?

What you can pray for:

To live your life in a manner that glorifies God according to what He has instructed in His word.

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