1 Kings 21:20 – No fear of God

1 Kings 21:20 “So Ahab said to Elijah, “Have you found me, O my enemy?”” 

These were the words of King Ahab to Elijah after he illegally took possession of Naboth’s land by Jezebel’s instigation. Ahab’s evil actions were obviously seen by our omniscient God, who sent Elijah to pronounce judgement upon him. Ahab had not seen the prophet of God for some time. His hatred of Elijah was so great that his first statement upon seeing Elijah again was “Have you found me, O my enemy?” This is a demonstration of defiance. There was absolutely no fear of Elijah and no fear of the God whom Elijah represented. There was no remorse for the evil he had done. There was no concern that “his sin has found him out…” – Num 32:23.

This is a scary state that Ahab was in – to continue in sin as if there will be no judgement – to the extent where there was no fear of God at all. Perhaps some of us could be in a similar state. There are no calamities in our life and we continue each day happily eating and drinking without regard for the God who gave us life & mercies each day. We disregard any message from his servants as if nothing will happen to us. Let this history of Ahab warn us – surely we won’t want to end up like him. There’s still an opportunity to repent. Do so now!

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